Wednesday, 7 May 2014

Police Complaint update: Wednesday 7th May 2014

For future reference I will distinguish between the two ongoing complaints by calling one the Glasgow complaint (since the events complained of, began there) and the other, the Aberdeen complaint (since the events complained of took place entirely in Aberdeen).

Glasgow Complaint

Since no acknowledgement has been received from the Police Service of Scotland for 5 days (albeit including a weekend and bank holiday), I sent the following message at 8.45 on 7/5/14 via their online message system:

I submitted a complaint on Friday 2nd May via this online form system.  I have not received an acknowledgement of receipt.  Could you please acknowledge that you have received my complaint and are in the process of dealing with it.

At 9.01 I received the following:

Good Morning,
Apologises for the delay in Police Scotland responding to your complaint. We have re-contacted the relevant department who advise will be in contact in due course.
Contact Us
And so it goes on.......

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