Saturday, 17 May 2014

Complaint to Aberdeen police re SNP Protest

This is the account of a FAC supporter who was stopped by the police on his way home from the protest and who has lodged a formal complaint:  this will be referred to hereafter as the Aberdeen complaint to distinguish it from the complaint lodged in Glasgow

I attended the local police headquarters to formally make a complaint about the "routine" stop and how the officer spoke to me .My friend who is studying law came with me to advise and to witness the complaint and took notes during the meeting.

The inspector took down my full complaint in writing and I signed it.  He also read the information my witness had made and signed to verify it was a true and accurate record.

I was then informed he would investigate the complaint and get back to me in due course with his findings.  He also said the complaint may well be passed to a independent board for consideration.

I allowed 21 days to pass as thought was fair amount of time to allow police to do what needed and I then contacted them for a update.  I was told the "officer who is dealing with it is on holiday " I asked if anyone else could deal with it and asked when the officer was due back as I'd like a update

 I was told only he can deal with the complaint and that it was not 'information you require' regarding a officers annual leave!  At that point I thanked him and left.

I am very unsatisfied by how whole thing has been handled and I'm going to take further legal advice on this matter.  I will,  of course, keep you updated as things progress

I would like to thank all those involved with Fans Against Criminalisation & Celtic Trust for their continued support also to everyone else who sent messages of support

We must stand as one until the Offensive Behaviour Act is scrapped and this needs to be done immediately.

We are Fans not Criminals

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