Tuesday, 20 May 2014

Police Complaint update: 19/20 May 2014

I have copied below the exchange of emails which took place yesterday and today with some personal details redacted - please read from the bottom:

Dear Sergeant Brown
What I hope to achieve from the process is to find out the following:
  1. Who made the decision to have us followed and why.
  2. Who made the decision to issue us with a Section 12 Notice and why.
  3. Whether or not any third party external to the PSS contributed to this decision.
I hope to receive a full explanation and as a resolution I would like someone to acknowledge that the policing of our group was excessive, intimidating, unnecessary and will not be repeated in similar circumstances.
Yours sincerely

Many thanks Jeanette and I will keep you updated throughout.

The one point, I forgot to address with you on the phone yesterday is to capture your expectations with our complaints process.

When completing any Complaint About The Police, I feel it of benefit to ascertain from the individual who lodges complaint, what they hope to come from the complaints process or what they believe a suitable resolution would be.

Therefore, if possible could you be please respond by email as to your thoughts on this point please.

Kind Regards

Andy Brown
Sergeant 8664
Aberdeen City Division Service Delivery Unit  

Dear Sergeant Brown

The names of the three people who wish to make this complaint are as follows:


  1. Both Ms xxxxxxx and Mr xxxxxx are happy to be contacted by telephone but Mr xxxxxx would prefer not to speak on the phone.  He would be happy, however, to provide a written statement if you wish.  Please let me know.
  2. Ms xxxxxxxxx will provide the registration mark of the car which followed us as she noted it down at the time.
  3. I can confirm that the email exchange in the days leading up to the event was with Inspector Doug Rae.   I had a phone conversation on the Friday and Saturday with another officer whose name I cannot recall.  Inspector Rae had previously asked for my permission to pass my contact number on to the other officer, so he will be able to confirm that officer’s name.
  4. The name of the local man who has also lodged a complaint is xxxxxxxxxx

I hope that this is sufficient and I look forward to hearing from you further.

Yours sincerely


Dear Ms Findlay,

Please see below my contact details.  The telephone number if required, is a direct dial and whilst I have an answer machine, you can also get a message to myself on the 101 number - whichever is most convenient for you.

I have discovered, after our earlier telephone conversation, that you sent an email to Police Scotland querying when someone would be in touch.  I was not aware of this when we spoke and I apologise for this delay, albeit as explained on the phone, the Complaint took some time to end up with myself.  Now that we have spoken and I have provided you my own contact details, I will ensure I keep you updated throughout my enquiries and the Complaint process.

At any stage if you require to discuss anything, please feel free to make contact direct with me and I will do my best to answer any query you may have.

Following on from out telephone conversation of this morning, if you could please provide me with the following information which will assist the enquiry into your complaint -

1.    The registration mark of the unmarked Police vehicle which followed your bus.
2.    The names of the other individuals who wish to make complaint and confirmation they are happy for me to make contact with each of them.
3.    Confirmation that the Officer you had contact with in the days previous to the protest was an Inspector Doug Rae ?
4.    The surname of the local male, who has complained regarding the manner in which he was dealt with whilst driving home from the event.

I look forward to hearing from you in due course


Andy Brown
Sergeant 8664
Aberdeen City Division Service Delivery Unit 

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