Monday, 7 April 2014

Lets take it to the SNP - demand an Early Review Now!

The SNP conference in Aberdeen this weekend cannot be allowed to be an occasion for back-slapping and self-congratulation while the wholly illiberal Offensive Behaviour at Football Act remains on the statute books and while the SNP government resolutely refuses to acknowledge what they know to be true:  this Act is an abomination and it needs to go!

In spite of numerous emails and pressure from many sources to review this Act, the SNP government are closing their ears and distorting the statistics to cover up the fact that the Act does not work - all it does is criminalise otherwise law-abiding young people for 'offences' that would not be an 'offence' anywhere other than in relation to a football match.

Fans Against Criminalisation are organising at protest at the SNP conference this weekend.  Buses will be leaving from Glasgow and Edinburgh and local opponents of the Act are organising to be there as we write. 

Friday protest:  assemble at McDonalds at 1pm and walk down as a group to the AECC.  Banner and placards will be there.

Saturday protest:  buses leaving Edinburgh at 9 and Glasgow (George Square) at 9.30 and leaving Aberdeen around 4.15.  If you are arriving separately then assemble at 1pm at McDonalds and walk down to AECC from there.

Please support the protest by:

  1. book a place on the bus and come with us to tell the SNP what we think of this Act
  2. make a donation to cover the cost of the buses, placards and other materials even if you can't attend on the day.
 To book a place contact us on

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