Monday, 23 April 2012

News piece

Thomas Rannachan, is a 35 year old Trust member who is standing as an Independent candidate in the upcoming local elections on Thursday May 3rd 2012.

As an Independent, he isn’t tied down by party politics nor does he have a political agenda to pursue either. Instead, he is standing on one particular issue, the Offensive Behaviour at Football and Threatening Communications (Scotland) Act 2012 which came into force in March. A Bill forced through by the SNP when there wasn’t a need for such legislation as everything it covers, was already in force in Scots law anyway.

Instead, Thomas believes this to be a blatant attack on freedom of speech which simply shouldn’t be allowed in a democratic society. He goes further to say that be he feels this to be an attack primarily centred against Celtic and Rangers fans. His campaign is to highlight the injustices of this Bill and the cloak and dagger approach adopted by the authorities.

An experienced civil servant with a wealth of experience of youth work behind him, it’s the younger football fans he is worried for and believes that they will be the ones most likely to be caught up by this Bill and wrongly punished. If elected, Thomas hopes to be a voice of reason and open up a dialogue with the Police to get more transparency on this Bill and their approach to enforcing it. And, to also take up anyone’s case who should fall foul of the Bill to offer support and fight for fairness in the ensuing process.

Thomas is standing in Ward 9 which covers parts of Dennistoun, Calton, Camlachie, Bridgeton and Parkhead. Voting is Thursday May 3rd and he is even willing to concede that many will already know which party they are voting for, so is happy to accept a second preference vote instead to give him a fighting chance.

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  1. more power to you in opposing this iniquitous law.Good to see some sensible opposition scotching the myth that all footie fans are illiterate idiots.